Howdy Modi! Two Biggest Bullies Join Blood Covered Hands in a Rally of Shame!

I can still not wrap my head around the new development in the “Kashmir Conflict”, an issue which has already been causing havoc and now the news that Donald Trump, one of the most controversial and disliked Presidents of the United states of America, has decided to show full support for India and Modi, in the matter of Kashmir by announcing that he would be joining a rally in the US by Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India on the matter of Kashmir.

In other words, what it means is that Donald Trump is showing full support against all the atrocities committed on the innocent Kashmiri Muslims by the Indian Government and openly endorsing Modi at “Howdy Modi” a rally to support India’s stance on Kashmir, to be held in Houston, Texas on September 22nd.

This is the first time in history that a US President has so openly and blatantly supported the heinous crimes against thousands of Muslim victims in Indian Occupied Kashmir. This is also a direct stand and retaliation against Pakistan and the entire Muslims world.

Saman Hasnain Shah Former Mrs. Pakistan World

I strongly believe that, “He who allows oppression shares the crime.”

Come to think of it I should not be so shocked with this new development, after all its USA we are talking about here, a country that in just the last two decades alone ruthlessly killed millions of innocent Muslims all around the world, bombarding and destroying, occupying and over taking, one Muslim country after another, as the world watched quietly while twiddling their thumbs.

The long, dark history of the US and of injustice and crimes against their very own people is not hidden from us all, starting with the horrific crimes and injustice committed against the African American in the slavery era and still continuing to this day. It shows us today once again that the old bully in its blood is still very much alive and kicking.

India is another bully altogether, another culprit with blood painted hands.

Its long list of crimes and injustice started a long time ago with the ill treatment of its own people based on the rigid caste system, the oppression of widows in their society, violence against minority Sikh community, mistreatment of Muslims in India and last but not the least the never ending genocide of the innocent Kashmiris. There is enough common evil history behind these two nations.

Now the two bullies hand in hand plan to join forces to rally, with an agenda to suppress, conspiracy to dominate, evil alliance to destroy and vindictive planning to control, innocent sovereign nations against their will.

Saman Hasnain Shah Former Mrs. Pakistan World

I urge the world to stop keeping a blind eye against the bullies of the world and raise voice, I demand the world peace makers and the whole Muslim community to wake up and to stand up against the world of bullies, against the genocide of the innocent Muslims in Kashmir and around the world.

REMEMBER: “Together we are stronger”.

The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.

Martin Luther King


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