Huawei devices and microSD cards not a mix anymore.

With mounting effects of the US Huawei ban, the company is now prohibited from obtaining membership to the SD Association.

However, now Huawei can no longer give official SD and microSD cards in its future cell phones, according to 9to5Google. However, MicroSD and SD cards installed in existing Huawei devices will have no change.
According to Android Authority, the SD Association confirmed that Huawei’s membership being revoked was a result of Trump’s executive order. The SD Association has joined the rest of other companies who cut ties with Huawai including Google, ARM, Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom.

In addition, the Wi-Fi Alliance has also placed a temporary ban on Huawei’s membership due to the US ban. Nikkei Asian Review also reported that Huawei voluntarily left JEDEC  over problems arising with the US. All of this could have a severe restrictive impact on Huawei’s ability to produce hardware.

This loss of SD cards is not going to be the biggest problem facing the company at the moment. Huawei has been prepared for the microSD card outage by developing its own, just like potentially developing an operating system to replace Android on their devices.

The company has its own, proprietary Nano-Memory Cards that are physically smaller than microSD cards and which have replaced the more universal standard.

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