Human Rights Watch’s report revealing the targeting of minorities exposes Modi government


February 19, 2021

According to reports by BaaghiTV, a report from the Human Rights Watch group has come to light, the focus of which is the Indian Government’s targeted approach against minorities in India.

The report by Human Rights Watch states that Indian government policies and measures are targeting minorities. India has systematically discriminated against Muslims. The Indian ruling party is interfering in the police, judiciary and autonomous. Indian authorities and the ruling BJP have been given the power to intimidate, harass and attack religious minorities out of the 52 people killed in the February 23 riots in New Delhi.

According to a report by Human Rights Watch, the BJP leaders accused the protesters of conspiracy against the nationality law and conspiracy against the national interest.

The Indian government is giving political patronage to those who attack minorities. The Indian government has failed to protect all minorities, including Muslims, from attacks. The move by the Indian ruling party has harmed equal rights.

According to a report by Human Rights Watch, the Bharatiya Janata Party has recruited the Hindu majority in government institutions, Indian authorities are now targeting the minorities involved in the farmers’ protests, India has targeted workers and protest organizers instead of investigating the riots, Delhi. BJP leaders and police officials have been accused of inciting riots in India.India targets workers and protest organizers instead of investigating riots, BJP leaders and police officials are accused of inciting riots in Delhi.

The Indian Prime Minister called the participants in the farmers’ demonstrations, hangers-on and free-riders. Indian PM called global criticism on farmers’ issue a destructive ideology. The increasing incidents of targeting educationists, critics in India, harassment of minorities, weak rights activists in India Discrimination against minorities was justified by the PM.

According to the report of Human Rights Watch, the Indian government is committed to the protection of minorities. The Indian government should be bound to take action against those who discriminate against minorities, the Indian government should also be bound to take action against the perpetrators of violence against minorities, sectarian hatred has spread in India. There is a lot of fear and mistrust of the authorities in the minority communities in India.

The report of Human Rights Watch says that India has removed the special status of Kashmir and imposed extensive sanctions. Political leaders and activists have been detained in Kashmir. Thousands of people including journalists and lawyers have been detained in Kashmir. Internet has been shut down for months. The journalists and human rights activists are being harassed by Indian operations in Kashmir, BJP leaders, their supporters also termed the farmers’ protest movement as a conspiracy.

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