Humanity in the Modern World Asks for Rights

Kashmir has been a victim of atrocities and brutal harshness of India for more than 70 years. During these years the Indian government has made the lives of Kashmiris a miserable living.

What India wants is to merge Kashmir into it by changing the public sentiment or otherwise driving them away with inhuman treatment and brutality. This time Modi’s government went beyond all the boundaries of humanity and caused Kashmiris to suffer 45 days long curfew with total media black out so, that Kashmiris may not reveal the truth behind the scene.

Pakistan government has decided to support Kashmir on every front. For this civil society, women, doctors, journalists and people belonging to different walks of life have recorded their protest to favor Kashmiris. On this very day journalists and their associations are showing solidarity to Kashmiri brethren.

It's an open message to the International news channels and journalists that they should join in and raise their voice against atrocities of Indian government and make international community stand in favour of oppressed Kashmiris.

Muhammad Naeem Shehzad


It’s the need of the hour and demand of true journalism to vocalize every ruthlessness of a tyrant and tell the world about it. Hence, journalists show no bias on the basis of geographical boundaries or race but, if a journalist takes his biased opinion or work to highlight some particular region or religion, he is not doing his right job.

To maintain peace and harmony in the world, it is a duty of all nations to check injustice and cruelty and stand fast with people or groups suffering from hardships. If these powers can work in Iraq, Syria, Sudan and some other parts of world in the name of peace and releasing masses from a tyrant, why then do they close their eyes on illegal occupation of India on Kashmir against the resolutions of UN?

Why do they not stand firm for the oppressed people who have been deprived of all kinds of human rights? Those for whom their land has been turned to a jail and who ask the tyrant to shot them down beside torture.

Muhammad Naeem Shehzad

The use of pellets and chemical weapons, physical assault and rapes, brutal, ruthless inhuman treatment and genocide is insufficient as an eye opener for UN and other forums? The humanity suffers in the hands of humanity, laws are violated in the modern developed world, cruelty and the oppression tells the stories of savage nations and of those who don’t utter a single word for them.


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