Hurricanes in the UK: Trains suspended, flights canceled

LONDON (Reuters): Hurricanes across Britain have disrupted livelihoods as well as the cancelation of flights and disrupted train services.

According to British media, Hurricane Younes which is the deadliest storm to have hit in the last three decades has caused chaos along coastal Cornwall resulting in the deaths of three people. The devastation includes collapsed walls, fallen trees, and deaths as a result of strong winds estimated at 196 km/hour. 

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The public has been trapped inside their homes with hundreds currently experiencing a power outage – life is at a standstill, according to reports. In addition, part of the O2 Arena’s roof has also been blown off due to the strong winds.  

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The storm has also caused serious damage to buildings and homes, including homes. Thousands of flights have been canceled and roads have been closed off to traffic as train services have been suspended in the affected regions. Meanwhile, schools have been closed in Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol, and Devon, respectively.  

Moreover, the United Kingdom government has instructed the military to remain on standby for rescue operations in view of the situation, however, the public has also been asked to stay indoors and avoid going out. According to British media, approximately 100,000 people have been severely affected by Hurricane Younes and experiencing a power shutdown in Wales. Trains have also been canceled in the region. 

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According to the UK’s Meteorological Department, flood warnings have been issued for England, Scotland, and Wales following the storm. Meanwhile, a Yellow Warning has been issued for Northern England and the military has been instructed to prepare for emergency rescue operations. 

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