Hurryiat leader appeals world right bodies to donate food, drugs for Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD, Sep 3 (APP):Hurryiat leader Abdual Hameed Lone has appealed to world human rights organizations to donate food and medicines for the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOK).

Talking to APP here on Tuesday, he appealed to the Red Crescent, Haqooqul Bashar, World Food Organization(WHO) and other human rights organizations and said that hundreds of thousands of people were injured and innocent infant were out of food, gas and medicines and people were in state of shock and fear prevails in the area.

He said that the Indian forces had arrested thousands of people who were migrated towards Punjab.
He said that Modi and the BJP’s actions were the longstanding goal of Hindu nationalists to change the ethnic-religious composition of Kashmir by force.

He condemned the human rights violation in (IOK) by Indian forces and said that Modi has lost his mind and blatantly violating international norms and laws by imposing curfew on Indian Occupied Kashmir(IOK) besides suppressing the voices of innocent of Kashmiris, he added.
He further said that the Modi was involved in crime against humanity and committed war crimes and the valley has been locked for the last 28 days and people faces hardships.

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