If BJP has guts, let them convert Taj Mahal into temple: Mehbooba Mufti

IIOJK: Former chief minister and PDP president on Tuesday attacked the ruling BJP at the Centre for allegedly creating a religious divide between Hindus and Muslims.

She alleged that the BJP wants to divert people’s attention from core issues and target the Muslim mosques and heritage sites constructed by the Mughal rulers.

“BJP is trying to widen the gap between Hindus and Muslims in the country. They have no answer to core issues so they are after the Muslim mosques and heritage sites constructed by the Mughal rulers in India,” she alleged.

While challenging the BJP, the PDP leader said, “if they have the courage, let them convert the Taj Mahal and other historical places into temples, then we will see who will visit this country”.

Mehbooba further said that the country is in a bad situation, price escalation of all essential commodities is at its peak and there are no jobs for youth across the country, common people are suffering and people like Vijay Malia and Nirav Modi and others have escaped from country looting the wealth of the common man.

Mehbooba said that instead of trying to improve the situation, the government should have been working to ease the suffering of the common people and get those fraudsters back who have looted the wealth of the country. But this government is only raising issues of “Hindu-Muslim, Mandir-Masjid for their political gains and targeting the minority community, she added.