IG Sindh says his family was looted in Karachi

Karachi, Oct 11: Sindh Inspector General Kaleem Imam said that his own family had been looted in Karachi by street criminals.

He was addressing to a seminar on Community Policing in Karachi yesterday.He said with smiling face that my own family had been looted here thrice by street criminals, he said he is resident of Karachi and he is well aware of this issue.

“I am also a resident of this city, my mother-in-law was looted… my nephews were looted, my sister and brother were also looted”. Imam said

“But I am still smiling in front of you,” the Sindh IG told.

He said controlling street criminals is impossible without safe city project. He said we didn’t get actual and clear images of criminals due to lack of facilities in Karachi.

He said Illiteracy and unemployment are two main factors behind increase in street crimes. He said the fear of punishment is lost so criminals are brave now a days as we completely failed to tackle this situation.

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