IHC restrains FIA from harassing social media activists

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ordered Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to stop harassing social media activists of political parties and summoned the FIA ​​Director Cyber ​​Crime.

According to details, the case of harassment of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) social media activist was heard in the Islamabad High Court by Chief Justice (CJ) IHC, Justice Athar Minallah.

During the hearing, the lawyer said that illegal raids were being carried out on the homes of PTI social media activists and their families were also being harassed by conducting raids while various cases were registered against PTI social media activists.  PTI’s lawyer said that action was taken against the workers at the behest of the ruling party. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of every citizen which cannot be ignored.

Moreover, the lawyer pleaded that illegal harassment of party workers should be stopped and stern action should be ordered against those violating the privacy of activists’ families.

The lawyer further said that the actions of FIA and police are illegal in the context of court decisions, on which the Chief Justice remarked with a smile that you know how this court has dealt with FIA. The constitution is the constitution, if we follow the constitution then no one will have a problem.

The Chief Justice questioned what was requested in his petition, on which the lawyer said that Dr Arsalan was being harassed. Justice Athar Minallah said that FIA is misusing its powers, what is the law? The lawyer replied that it was Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) Law, to which the Chief Justice nodded with a smile.

The court summoned the FIA ​​director in person yesterday and said that the FIA ​​should not harass social media activists in any way. The court barred FIA and police from harassing and arresting social media activists of political parties.

Earlier in the morning, PTI leader Ali Nawaz Awan filed the petition in which he had made secretary interior, inspector general of police (IGP), Islamabad, IGP, Punjab, Director General (DG) FIA and DG FIA Cyber Crime Wing respondents and said that raids were being conducted on the homes of PTI social media activists in blatant violation of the laws. “Not only that, the FIA personnel also harass the families of these activists during their raids,” read the petition.

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