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IIOJK Police use drone cameras across Srinagar city

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IIOJK Police has gone high-tech and is keeping a 24/7 vigil across Srinagar city using cameras fixed on drones. These drones are monitoring the situation across the city day and night. The drones, according to Jammu and Kashmir Police, would not be visible from the ground but have been deployed across Srinagar city including in the most sensitive areas.

To keep a close eye on the anti-social elements and terror activities in Srinagar city, Jammu Kashmir Police has started using these high-tech drones to keep a vigil 24/7.

“Aerial surveillance is going on in suspected localities of Srinagar looking for anti-socials, criminals, terrorists, OGWs etc using modern drones with high-resolution cameras. These may not be visible from ground but be assured that life, property of citizens will be safeguarded,” said Srinagar Police in a Tweet.

The drones will help the security forces in Srinagar’s downtown area where due to traffic jams, continuous surveillance becomes difficult. The security forces have already been using these drones during the encounters at various locations to track the movement of terrorists. Jammu and Kashmir Police says the surveillance is happening in the public areas only to ensure privacy of people.