IMF is fully satisfied with Pakistan’s economic direction


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is reported to have expressed full satisfaction in the deliverables so far achieved by Pakistan. The mission during its visit to Pakistan reviewed the measures taken by the government in the policy, fiscal and current account adjustments.

At a briefing session with Prime Minister Imran Khan, it expressed satisfaction and appreciated and endorsed the efforts being made by Pakistan.

They were happy to note that this is the third month of implementation and already the indicators in relation to taxation efforts are showing improvements.

The prime minister Imran  Khan is reported to have stressed that nation’s economy needs a complete overhaul and that the IMF programme with its structural reform set in motion would support government’s efforts of putting the economy on track. The team greatly appreciated the interest expressed by the Prime Minister in restructuring the economy.

Notably, the IMF team is reported to have acknowledged Prime Minister’s zeal to lead from the front which has been the main reason behind the progress made so far.

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