Improvement in Education System is the need of the hour

It is said that the development of any society depends on the quality of education. If you want to see the future of any country, you have to look at the education system of that country. The quality of education is currently being given special importance in the world.

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The developed countries of the world are also striving to further improve the quality of their education. Teachers are given the best training in this regard. If the student is to be called the future of the nation, then the training of the teachers is very important so that they can train the architects of the future of the nation in the best possible way with understanding and foresight. Different types of teacher training programs and campuses are held abroad so that they can be trained in the best possible way.

The main reason for the decline in education in Pakistan is the lack of funds and corruption.

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Let’s talk about the problems of the educational system in Pakistan, what the problems are and how the quality of education can be improved.

The main reason for the decline in education in Pakistan is the lack of funds and corruption. There is no doubt that Pakistan is currently facing an economic crisis, but the rulers should bring reforms to improve the education system. Poverty has hit the country hard due to the economic crisis, which is why parents, instead of sending their children to school, are turning towards work in shops, etc. Of course, every parent wants their children to be educated and to have a good life. The dreams of the poor are just dreams.

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The government should provide monthly stipends to poor children. And for parents who are unable to send their children to school due to poverty, a special program should be started to help them and provide easy loans so that they can start their own businesses. There are many villages and small towns in Pakistan where there are no schools and even if there are, they are so dilapidated that they are not able to provide education.

The government should provide awareness about girls' education and set up separate schools and colleges for girls.

The government should set up new schools in such cities, especially in rural areas.

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It is said that an educated woman raises an educated generation. Due to the lack of education in Pakistan, people do not send girls to school, but now this practice is changing somehow. The government should provide awareness about girls’ education and set up separate schools and colleges for girls. Then there is corruption in the education system. There are many ghost teachers in government schools who never come to school but receive salaries. Such people should be identified and punished. Finally, we will talk about the single national curriculum which is the best attempt of the present government to end the class difference. This will enable the child of the rich and the poor to adopt the same curriculum and reduce the feeling of inferiority among the poor. But the private school mafia is adamant against this excellent move by the government. It is hoped that the government will succeed in implementing the SingleNational Curriculum.

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This Opinion is written by M. Amin. He can be reached on @ameyynn (Twitter). 

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