Imran Khan decides to speed up the public relations campaign

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan is following the strategy of increasing pressure on the government.

Sources said that Imran Khan has decided to speed up the public relations campaign and take the slogan of early elections to the streets.

Several cities of Punjab will host “Election Karao Mulk Bachao Tehreek” rallies, along with other important cities across the country.

Apart from this, Imran Khan is also expected to address rallies.

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Inflation and bad governance will be highlighted at the rallies by the party’s senior leadership, according to sources.

If they are ready to have elections by the end of March, we will not dissolve the assemblies. The KP and Punjab assemblies will be dissolved if elections are to be held, Khan stated in an interview.

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Khan stated that his party will not agree to a date after March, and if the government disagrees, assemblies will be dissolved this month (December).

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