Imran Khan refuses to answer FIA on legal notices in foreign funding inquiry

PTI supremo via his legal counsel told FIA that he was not bound to answer the agency

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday replied to FIA notices and refused to become part of any ongoing investigation and inquiry. PTI supremo via his legal counsel told FIA that he was not bound to answer the agency and he would also peruse legal actions if the notices would not be withdrawn within two days.

In a reply to FIA, Imran Khan’s lawyer stated, “We have been instructed by our client, the PTI Chairman Imran Khan to reply to your Notice No. FIA/DD/CBC/MISC/2022/1113 dated 12.08.2022, inquiry No105/2022 as under. You are seeking to act and deny, jurisdiction on what you earl a decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan dated 2-08-2022, whereas the same is intact a report consequent to a scrutiny conducted under the Political Parties Order 2002 read with Rule 10 of the Political Parties Rules 2002. It may be brought to your notice that the Supreme Court of Pakistan.”

“In a number of cases has held that the Election Commission of Pakistan is an administrative Body and is neither a Court nor Tribunal, as such the same. Is not order but only a report, which cannot direct the PIA or any other body to act on the basis of the said report as delivered by it.”

Imran Khan FIA

“FIA has no Jurisdiction under Section 3 of the FIA Act 1975 read with the Schedule thereto to bring In it any action under the Political Parties Order 2002.”

“The notice issued Is otherwise contrary to the provisions of the FIA Act and the Judgment dated 03.11.2020 In the case titled as Rana Muhammad Arshad Vs Federation of Pakistan (W.P. No. 2939 of 2020) and the circular dated 28.06.2021 issued by the Directorate of Cyber Crime. Federal Investigation Agency Islamabad. S. Despite the above you have Malalidely and for motivated Intent and reasons chose to require PTI to submit to your jurisdiction and love documents to you. On account of your kick of authority and Jurisdiction, your notice Is not liable to be acted upon. whereto’ you are required to withdraw the said notice forthwith, not later than two days hereof, else we are under Instructions to proceed against FIA and yourself In a court of law of appropriate jurisdiction. Which action shall be entirely at you risk as to all costs and consequences.”