Why you are Silent? Khan asks the World

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan asks the world “Why they are Silent” over Kashmir issue.

According to details Imran Khan criticised the international community’s silence over Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. In a series of tweets PM Imran said that under the ongoing siege, Indian forces have killed and injured Kashmiri men, women and children through the use of pellet guns.


The prime minister said that hospitals have run out of medical supplies and basic necessities, but a communication blackout has deprived Kashmiris of a voice to the outside world, including their families. “Despite this, tales of horror are finding their way into the international media,” he tweets.


“India’s violation of all international laws including humanitarian laws is there for the world to see. So why is the world silent? Is the international community’s humanity dead when Muslims are being persecuted? What message is being sent to the 1.3 bn Muslims across the world?.”

PM Imran said the world cannot feign ignorance as did in Munich in 1938.

“The fascist, Hindu-Supremacist design of the Modi Govt with its ethnic cleansing & genocide of Muslims’ agenda in IOJK, in India itself (Assam) & beyond into AJK is now overt for all the world to see,” he added.

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