Imran Khan wastes Rs2b tax payers money on advertisment-spree in last days at PMO


Former prime minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan spent as much as Rs2 billion under so-called ‘emergency expenditures’ during his final days in the office to glorify his government’s performance.

As per media reports, Imran Khan spent the ‘princely sum’ in his last bid to gain public support.

Imran Khan instead of fighting constitutionally, rather focused on wasting tax prayers money at times when his own coalition parties parted ways with him before crucial no-confidence motion.

As per budget documents submitted to the National Assembly, Imran Khan approved a supplementary grant worth Rs2 billion for the information ministry.

The huge sum was granted to glorify government programs and projects and the then-Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry was tasked to go for advertisment-spree on electronic and digital media.

The money was given to television channels and social media platforms.

The budget documents reads that the money was approved for the “launch of comprehensive media campaign on government Initiatives, programme and projects.”