Imran Khan’s UNGA address to reflect Kashmiris’ aspirations: Mishal Malik

ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (APP):Mishal Malik, the wife of Hurriyat Leader Yasin Malik Thursday hoped that the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s upcoming historic address at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) would fully reflect the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

Talking to private news channel, she said “As a Kashmiri, I would expect Prime Minister Imran Khan to highlight Kashmir issue at UNGA and urge UN to resolve this core dispute in accordance with its own resolutions.”

She said no doubt Pakistani government was making all out efforts to advocate the case of Kashmiris at all forums through effective diplomacy. She said Pakistani and international media was playing a responsible role in highlighting Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. PM Khan’s continue fighting for the Kashmiris till the end is quite appreciable, she added.

She appealed that the international community and Human right champions must wake up and take notice of worst Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir. Mishal said the world needs to take practical steps to rescue the Kashmiris, who have been denied their basic rights.

She said Kashmiris were determined to get their right to self-determination, adding, the sacrifices rendered for this right will never go in vain.

She said Hitler Modi did this “historical blunder” thinking he can suppress the freedom movement by launching a crackdown on Kashmiri people. Mishal said, Kashmir issue is not just between Pakistan and Kashmir it is a global issue and become the flash nuclear point.

International community should realize that Kashmir is a flash point between two nuclear states, she said, adding, Modi is fascist leader and Pakistan has exposed India’s malicious agendas at international level effectively under the honest leadership of Imran Khan.

Kashmiris would not accept Indian oppression and India’s illegal unilateral decisions regarding Kashmir has escalated the situation in the region.

Pakistan is always ready for any arbitration but India is not willing to resolve the issue politically, she mentioned. Imran Khan’s government is committed to highlight Kashmir issue at every international forum in an effective and vigorous way.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has successfully exposed Indian agenda at international fora and internationalized Kashmir issue, she added.

BJP led Indian government is pursuing policy of hostility and hatred for Kahsmiri people in IoK.
She said Pakistan’s continuous efforts are required to sensitize the international community regarding grave human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.

It is a good opportunity for Pakistan to effectively highlight Kashmir issue on important international fora. So far, the diplomacy of Pakistan on Kashmir dispute is very effective, she said.

Extremist Narendra Modi is adopting the policy of fascist regime, adding, Indian cruel face has been exposed in front of the world and many countries raised their voices for Kashmir and playing a proactive role for Kashmir cause. Kashmiris were being deprived of their basic rights including food and medicines, she said.

She said “If the Kashmiris are not given their right to self-determination then peace and stability in the region will never possible.”

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