In the Dua Zehra abduction case, unfreezing of suspects’ bank accounts is ordered

Friday:  The Sindh High Court ordered that the computerized national identity cards (CNICs) and bank accounts of the family members of Zaheer Ahmed, the alleged spouse of Dua Zehra Zaheer, be unfrozen.
A two-judge court led by Justice Mohammad Iqbal Kalhoro dismissed a second petition filed by Zaheer seeking protection, as the police stated that he would not be harassed but would be dealt with according to the law.
Shabbir Ahmed, brother of Zaheer, also petitioned the SHC against freezing bank accounts, CNICs, and SIM cards of the petitioner and other family members.

The court stated in its order that, at the request of Dua’s father’s attorney Mahdi Kazmi, the SHC had blocked and frozen the CNICs and bank accounts of Zaheer’s family members on June 3 until Dua’s recovery.

Since the girl had recovered, there was no reason to deny the petitioner’s request. Thus, the court revoked its June 3 ruling instructing the relevant agencies to unblock the CNICs and bank accounts.

SHC serves notices about Zaheer’s request to dismiss the FIR.

Regarding Zaheer’s plea for protection, the bench noted that the trial court had granted the petitioner bail, and police officers and the state’s attorney stated that he would be treated in line with the law and without harassment.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the same bench issued notifications to the provincial home secretary, police, complainant, and other respondents in response to a plea by Zaheer seeking dismissal of the case involving the alleged kidnapping of Dua Zehra.

The court also served notice on the prosecutor general and instructed respondents to submit their responses by August 18.

On behalf of his client, the attorney for the complainant submitted certain documents, which were entered into the record, and a copy was provided to the attorney for the petitioner.

The contempt plea was forwarded to the judge.

On Friday, Dua’s father filed a complaint with the SHC seeking contempt proceedings against individuals who allegedly made contemptuous remarks against an SHC judge on a YouTube chat show.

In its order, the bench ruled that, due to remarks made against one of its members, it was not appropriate to consider or rule on this application.

“In these circumstances, this case shall be sent to the Honorable Chief Justice for either referring this application to another bench or giving any suitable order as his lordship sees fit,” the document continued.

Order reserved for today

Aftab Ahmed Bughio, Judicial Magistrate (East), has deferred his decision on a motion filed by the investigating officer requesting permission to examine Dua medically till today Saturday.

IO Saeed Rind noted in the application that the minor was required to undergo a medical examination to see if she was subjected to sexual acts when she stayed with her purported husband following her alleged child marriage.

He stated that because the current court had ordered the minor/victim to the Shelter Home for Destitute and Orphan Social Welfare, approval was needed to transfer her custody to the hospital for her medical evaluation.

Therefore, the investigating officer asked the magistrate for permission to transport the girl from the shelter home to a medical facility for a medical checkup.

The state prosecutor and the attorney representing the girl’s parents and husband backed this motion.

After hearing the parties arguments, the magistrate scheduled the application’s ruling for July 30 (today).

Progress report filed

In the interim, IO Rind filed a progress report incorporating Sections 363 (kidnapping), 368 (wrongfully concealing or detaining a kidnapped or abducted person), and 375(v) (violence with or without her consent when she is under sixteen) of the Pakistan Penal Code in the case filed against Zaheer and 23 others.

In the report, the investigating officer noted that detained suspect Shabbir Ahmed disclosed during interrogation that he and his brother Zaheer Ahmed were present in Karachi on April 16 when they allegedly kidnapped Dua and brought her to Punjab.

He added that Zaheer was using a SIM card registered in his mother’s name, which indicated his presence in the city on the day of the crime, and that the suspect had turned off his phone in the Nooriabad neighborhood.