India, China Agree On Need For Immediate Ceasefire In Ukraine

India: With the Ukraine crisis triggering a geopolitical turmoil, India and China on Friday agreed on the need for an immediate ceasefire and a return to the path of diplomacy and dialogue to defuse the conflict.

The issue figured during the three-hour talks between External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and his visiting Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

“Wang Yi presented the Chinese understanding, the Chinese view of the situation developed there and the developments pertaining to it, and I presented the Indian view,” Mr Jaishankar said at a media briefing.

The external affairs minister said both sides discussed their respective approaches and perspectives and agreed that diplomacy and dialogue must be the priority.

“I think, the Indian view, many of you may have heard me speak about it yesterday in Parliament as well. And obviously, what he said was his view and what I said was my view, but where we had a common element was that both of us agreed on the importance of an immediate ceasefire as well as a return to diplomacy and dialogue,” he said.

The external affairs minister said in Parliament on Thursday that India’s position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict has been “steadfast and consistent” and that it wants resolution of the conflict through talks.