India does not need Muslims: Hindu Extremist Leader

India does not need Muslims, will expel them from the country, says Hindu extremist leader.

India (7th Mar, 2020): Hindu extremist leader says India does not need Muslims, we will expel them from the country.

According to Baaghi TV, the ruling party BJP’s and Hindu extremist RSS leader, Rajeshwar Singh, has said that before December 2021, India would have been cleared of Muslims and Christians.

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The RSS leader made this statement at a time when Delhi riots against Muslims occurred only a few day ago. Muslims were tortured and killed, and their properties damaged while the police continued to help extremist Hindus. According to reports, the Muslims were singled out and tortured by extremists who raided their houses, shops and even mosques, and set them on fire.

Rajeshwar Singh, who is from Eastern Uttar Pradesh, further said that I promise my friends to wait a little longer, because we will expel Muslims and Christians from India before December of 2021.

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In India, some Hindu extremist organizations disagree with the ideology of Muslims, which is why Muslims are subjected to violence every day. Earlier, the Hindu Mahasabha had announced that an Islam-free India, would be launched to cleanse India of Muslims. Sadhvi Pargia had said that steps should be taken to control the population of Muslims and Christians, and that all beef eaters should be hanged.

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Although Delhi riots took place almost a week ago, yet fear in the hearts of Muslims did not subside, many families had left the area and are no longer willing to return. The Kejriwal government is not even providing security to Muslims; thereby, many Muslim families have settled in refugee camps. Reportedly, there are about 155 people who left their house during the riots.

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In Delhi, Hindu extremists tortured protesters for speaking up against the controversial citizenship bill. Muslims’ homes were burnt, mosques were disgraced and a mosque was even martyred. The shrine in Bhajanpura was burnt down, the mosque was set on fire in Ashok Nagar and the flag of Hanuman was hoisted on the minaret by the followers of Hindutva mindset.

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The violence of Hindu extremists has left 53 people dead and more than 400 injured, while the police continue to support Hindu extremists. Meanwhile, Hindus continue to loot and torture the homes of Muslims. Reportedly, journalists were also attacked for their coverage of the riots.

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