India faces shortage of crematoriums after lack of oxygen supply

India surpasses the rest of the world by confirming reports of most number of new cases in a day. However, it is now facing a shortage of essential oxygen gas as well as crematoriums.

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The Corona virus epidemic is raging in different parts of India and it is increasing day by day. India is currently becoming a new hub for the spread of Corona in the world. About 346,000 new cases of corona were registered in the country on Saturday. This is the largest increase in a single day in any country in the world.

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According to Johns Hopkins University, no other country in the world has been affected by such an outbreak in a single day since the outbreak began. In the last 24 hours, 2,624 more people have died. The figures are official, but some independent sources say the actual number could be much higher. The total number of victims of COVID-19 in India is around 17 million, while about 190,000 people have died.

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After oxygen in India, crematoriums are also in short supply. There is no space in the crematorium for cremation. Only 4 of the survivors can go to the crematorium. People are being told to wait a week, which is forcing them to dump the bodies of their loved ones in the sewers.

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