India forces targeting children to inflict pain on Kashmiris

In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Indian forces under a well thought-out plan are targeting Kashmiris ranging from suckling babies and teenagers to as elderly as 80-years old men and women to create an atmosphere of fear and harassment in the territory.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, made a mention of a fresh video making rounds on social media wherein gun-wielding brutal Indian forces are seen violently snatching a suckling baby from a crying mother in IIOJK.

The video gone viral shows the troops roughly grabbing the Kashmiri baby by the scruff of his neck while his mother is heard saying in a scary tone “what are you going to do with the child.”

One of the reasons behind the troops’ brutal action of targeting children, as the report inferred from the interviews of experts on Kashmir, is to create a sense of fear among Kashmiri people whose freedom sentiments have refused to die down despite multiple lockdowns, terrible cordon and search operations and nocturnal raids.

The report said that hundreds of Kashmiri children including 18-month-old Hibba Jan have so far lost their eyesight due to pellets fired by Indian troops in IIOJK. The Kashmiri children are also traumatized for life by watching their loved ones being killed by Indian troops in front of their eyes.

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