India, Iran strengthening ties for propaganda against Pakistan

After the establishment of the government of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, it was made clear that in the future no one will be allowed to use the territory of Afghanistan against another country.

This situation in Afghanistan has impacted India. This is because India did a lot of propaganda against Pakistan using the land of Afghanistan during the rule of Ashraf Ghani and also made a lot of investment in Afghanistan for this purpose. But the withdrawal of US troops and the rule of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan have severely damaged India. On the other hand, Iran also does not seem happy with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate government.

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In these circumstances, on the one hand, India, while maintaining its traditions, made very false propaganda against the Islamic Emirate and Pakistan in the media. For the past few days, India has been so bewildered that by showing footage of video games on a news channel, it made a ridiculous claim that Pakistan is fighting the resistance movement in Panjshir province, and also showing fake pictures, Indian media claims that Pakistani jets have been shot down in Panjshir.

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On the other hand, India is trying to find a way to its mischief in the region by establishing ties with Iran. In this regard, Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar visited Tehran twice. According to the details of the visit, the purpose of the visit was to formulate future policy on the situation in Afghanistan. In this situation, the current events in Iran also show that Iran is also interested in India’s mischief. Recently, there were strikes outside the Pakistani embassy in Iran, chanting slogans against Pakistan and the ISI.

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Meanwhile, the Iranian media, like India, had made false allegations against Pakistan that Pakistani forces were fighting in Panjshir and interfering in Afghanistan.

Now that the 20-year war in Afghanistan is over and the people of Afghanistan are moving towards peace, mischievous countries like India and Iran are not allowing peace to prevail in the region.

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