“India is not in a good place”, says Rahul Gandhi

Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government and said, “India is not in a good place” and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “doesn’t listen”.

Rahul Gandhi speaking at the “Ideas for India” conclave in London said there is an attack on the Constitution of India and the result of this attack is that the states of India are no longer able to negotiate with the government.

He attacked the “deep state” that is causing damage and declared that Congress’s ideology is geared up to fight it.

“Please realize, what the BJP does is shout and stifle voices. What we do is listen. They are two different things, they are two different designs,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“The Prime Minister must have an attitude that ‘I want to listen’ and from there everything flows down. But our Prime Minister doesn’t listen,” he said.

“We believe India is a negotiation between its people. The BJP and the RSS believe India is a `Sone Ki Chidiya` whose benefits should be distributed to a few. We believe everyone should have equal access,” Gandhi added.