India should brace itself for an attack from China: India Chief of Defense Staff

April 8, 2021: Indian Chief of Defense Staff, former Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat fears China could attack India at any time Addressing a seminar, General Bipin Rawat said that China will never give up and China’s war frenzy may change. We also have to be prepared and vigilant for what is being fought. China can corrupt and hack our system by launching a cyber attack on India.

Addressing the seminar, General Bipin Rawat further said that discussions are underway on what kind of relations to have with China but we should not be unaware of China’s attacks. We will try to make peace with China. Let there be no war but if cyber attack happens then India’s response capacity is much less than China’s, China is far ahead of India in terms of cyber, if China launches cyber attack our system could be destroyed.

According to an official report tabled in the Indian Parliament, there were more cyber attacks in India in 2020 than in 2019. General Bipin Rawat said that there were around 1.2 million cyber attacks in a year and now it could accelerate. We are trying to strengthen cyber security, we have succeeded in creating a cyber agency within the Indian Armed Forces and each service has its own cyber agency even if we are attacked by a cyber attack, the he aftermath of an attack cannot last long.

General Bipin Rawat, referring to China at the seminar, acknowledged that China has an advantage over India in terms of cyber attacks and has been doing better than India.

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