Indian Conspiracy of Ethnic Cleansing in Kashmir, a Well Thought-Out Strategy

Lahore (5th Aug, 2019): Indian Conspiracy against Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir seems to be a well thought out strategy of ethnic cleansing in the region.

The idea is a very well thought out one. The Indian Government must have informed its allies before starting the process of ethnically cleansing the population of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and as usual, Pakistan has been caught off guard.

For the past year the BJP has been saying that they will choose such an option, yet no official step was taken against India so approaching other countries at this point is futile. Additionally, whatever decisions taken and implemented by India’s government within its jurisdiction is part of its internal matters. Given the situation, any response or rallies from Pakistan at this point will also be a waste of time. Moreover, calling for peace talks in the region has proven to be silly as we have shown our weakness to the Indian government.

Additionally, with the cancellation of Article 35A which will allow non-Kashmiris to settle in Kashmir, allow Hindus to buy land in Kashmir and a conspiracy will be made to convert the Muslim majority in India to Kashmir, as per section 35A. The BJP sarkar and Indian government can now very easily claim that Pakistan is illegally occupying its territory. This move from India albeit not far-fetched will completely shift the dynamics of the Indo-Pak relations making our NCS statement a prudent move.

Now, Pakistan must wait in the shadows to see what initiative is opted by India. We need to get our political house in order, we need our diplomatic figures and experts to look into the situation and prior methods employed for this so as to come up with a better strategy of our own.

Now, our old methods will not help the situation. Pakistan needs a new approach, Pakistan should focus on changing its dynamics with perhaps a perfect paradigm shift in tactics. Moreover, Pakistan needs to stand its ground and remain vigilant but, above all else, Pakistan should not succumb to any given pressure(s).


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