Indian Deputy HC summoned at Foriegn office to condemn

The Indian Deputy High Commissioner (HC) Gaurav Ahluwalia  was called at Foriegn Office today.

According to details from Foreign Office The Indian Deputy High Commissioner (HC) Gaurav Ahluwalia was handed over condemnation over ceasefire violations across LOC.

Director-General South Asia and SAARC, Dr Muhammad Faisal said an elderly Pakistani lady embraced shahdat because of Indian ceasefire violations.He said Nazira Begum w/o Muhammad Hussain, she was 69 years old and resident of village Kakuta embraced shahdat.

He said Indian side is asked to respect 2003 ceasefire agreement and also teach your armed forces to respect that ceasefire agreement otherwise a lesson will be taught by our armed forces.

From 2017 India have violated ceasefire agreement about 1970 times and its unprecedented in the indo Pakistan history.Indian army unprofessionally targeting civilians areas.

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