India’s so-called democracy in danger?

India's-so-called-democracy-in-danger #Baaghi

India, the world’s largest democracy and a self-proclaimed secular state, has reached the brink of extremism under the Modi government. Hindu nationalism has become the backbone of Indian democracy, while Christians, Muslims and other nationalities have lost faith in Modi’s particular Hindu democracy.

The RSS has played a key role in this extremism, hijacking all government machinery. The decisions of the Modi government are also in line with the RSS ideology and Indian law enforcement agencies have also become a shield against minorities, especially Muslims, in the RSS’s extremist activities. Indian extremism is no longer hidden from anyone, be it the Kashmir Valley or other minorities inside India, including the Muslim minority, who are being bullied by the RSS. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, India ranks 27th to 53rd in the Global Democracy Index.

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In a report released by the Freedom House, India has sided with Ecuador, Mozambique, and Serbia on the status of partially independent states from the status of a democratic independent country. A US newspaper has declared India the world’s number one terrorist. Many US and British senators have called on India to be a terrorist and the United Nations to take action against it. Dharma has not diminished in the slightest and is fully engaged in terrorist activities, especially conspiracies against Pakistan’s security. This poisonous face of India has been exposed to the world many times but the silence on Indian terrorism and bigotry by the international community, especially the United Nations, seems meaningful. Approved the proposal to change the name of Muhammadpur village of Delhi to Madhopur.

Modi’s so-called democracy has posed grave threats to India’s secular identity, religious tolerance, economic and social values, and maintaining India’s identity in the United Nations through its extremist democracy has become a challenge. The demotion at number 26 is a clear mirror for the whole world, which is also a testament to Indian terrorism, bigotry, and extremism. In this context, the international community, especially the world powers, should seriously break their silence against Indian bigotry and its terrorist thinking, blacklist it and impose economic sanctions on it, otherwise, its bigotry and dangerous intentions are only in the region. No, they can cover the whole world. Amnesty International’s reports highlight the worst human rights situation in India. Reports say that atrocities against minorities, extrajudicial killings, torture, and harassment of journalists are becoming more common in India. Amnesty International has sharply criticized the Indian government for human rights abuses. Amnesty International said in a recent report that freedom of expression in India was declining.

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According to a BBC report, the National Minority Commission for the Rights of Minorities in India has said that the number of violations of the rights of all minorities in India is increasing rapidly. He also said in his report that defamatory and provocative statements are being made against minorities in India and attacks on them, forcible conversions are becoming commonplace. There are more than two dozen separatist movements in the country. Human rights groups have spoken out against atrocities against minorities. The United Nations has also expressed concern over the atrocities against minorities in India, as far as statements are concerned, which India has never taken seriously. There is a global apathy that leads to more atrocities against minorities in India.

Today, the worst manifestations of this can be seen in occupied Kashmir and the Indian authorities silence the critics through sanctions and illegal tactics. Human rights activists, students, journalists, and artists were arrested without trial. The report noted that no action had been taken against those who attacked religious minorities. India is considered to be the largest democracy in the world due to its population where regular elections are held but the rest of the requirements of democracy have never been met.

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According to the constitution, India is a secular state, but in practice, this is not the case. Not only is India a Hindu state rather than a secular one, but there is no doubt that whatever happens is an extremist Hindu state. An extremist state in which minorities have been the target of oppression in every era. His life was forbidden and he was forced to change his religion. Hindu extremism has been present in every era but it was brought to its extreme during the Modi government. Narendra Modi’s nature is to hate Muslims. When he was the chief minister of Gujarat, thousands of Muslims in the province were burnt alive by militants under government auspices.

In view of this cruel and extremist mentality of Modi, he was barred from entering the United States. Modi is considered a pioneer of Hindutva and a united India agenda. Unified India is, in other words, the name of expansionism which is the negation of Partition of India. Partition of India has never been accepted by extremists. They want Hindu rule in India. Not ready to give other religions their basic rights. Every religion is a target of extremists in India. Muslims are treated more aggressively than Muslims have enslaved them for thousands of years, but they have no soft spot for any minority.

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The Sikhs were subjected to the worst atrocities since the assassination of Indira Gandhi and are still under attack, which naturally brought them closer to the Muslims. Had he realized the Hindu extremist and brutal mentality before the partition, the worst migration and bloodshed in the history of the subcontinent would not have taken place. The Christian community is not safe in India either. The burning of their places of worship has never stopped.

In India, every party uses the Pakistan card to win elections. Which party succeeds in making itself the biggest enemy of Pakistan. Extremist mentality paves the way for his rule. Modi has repeatedly claimed to break Pakistan and has been proud of his heinous and despicable act. Apart from Pakistan, Modi’s Islamophobia is also evident which makes Modi popular among extremists. There is no doubt that minorities in India are insecure.

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