India’s Trade With China Up By 50% Despite Aggression

Despite Chinese aggression, India’s trade with Beijing has increased by 50 per cent, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in an apparent swipe at the BJP-led Centre, and called for a boycott of China to send out a strong message.

Addressing a Republic Day function organised by the Delhi government at Chhatrasal Stadium in New Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal alleged that China is procuring more weapons to use against India with the very money it earns doing trade with us.

“We read about Chinese Aggression on our borders. Today a highly reputed newspaper reported how the Chinese have encroached upon some of our territory near the border. This is a matter of deep concern for every citizen of our country,” he said at the event.

“Our soldiers put in all their might to fight the Chinese on the border. It is now the duty of all citizens and all governments to stand shoulder to shoulder with our soldiers and support them … It is our duty to send a strong message to China against its aggression. It is our duty to boycott China, look into its eyes and make it clear that we will not compromise on national security,” he said.

He lamented that over the last few years, the country has seen a rise in trade with China despite its forays on the borders.

“In 2020, our country bought goods worth 65 billion dollars. In 2021 the import figures shot up to 95 billion dollars, a straight 50 per cent jump. Why are we making China richer and richer at the cost of our security? Why are we spending all our money on them? Just look at what they are doing … They are using our money to buy weapons and upgrade their forces to fight against us,” he alleged.

The Aam Aadmi Party leader suggested India should set up manufacturing units for items it imports from China and boycott Chinese goods.

“It’s foolish to continue trade with China. We import items like shoes and slippers, mattresses and cushions, spectacles, toys, and statues. Don’t we make these items in our country? I’m certain we do,” he said.

The Chief Minister said the more India buys these goods from China the more “we reduce production of made in India goods of this kind.”