Insaaf Da Kaal – An ode to hardworking, honest Paksitani citizens

This song is about the hardworking honest Pakistanis who want equal protection and application of law as given in Pakistan’s Constitution. The theme of the song is mentioned in a frame where Article 25 of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan is quoted before the lyrics begin: “All citizens are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of law”.

Interestingly the song shows the Goddess of Justice is blind. The concept is then used to point out how the application of the law is discriminatory.

The visuals used in the song are portrayed as the opinion of a majority of ordinary Pakistanis who lament how the rich and the powerful managed to get technical justice.

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The visuals used in the song are a cry against the elite capture of state resources. The frames show the contradictions of life of the poor and the rich in different visuals. These extreme contradictions are highlighted in rhetorical questions about the law being blind to elite capture of state resources.

The main character in the song is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. It is left to viewers’ imagination what image the ordinary Pakistani wants to project and relate to the main character in its symbolism.

The producer and director, Arshad Sharif, said the main purpose of the song is to see judicial reforms in the country whereby all Pakistanis get equal protection of law and enforcement of their fundamental rights by the state.

The poet, Ray Meem, would like to remain anonymous. However, the poet is the guy next door, the ordinary Pakistani who is crying out loud when he sees an ordinary Pakistani being punished while the rich and powerful get away even with murder. The similes used about watchdogs in the poetry have a rich historical and cultural background.

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The singer, Usman Raees, put his heart and soul into composing the music and singing the song. His vocals bring out the depth of the poetry and the pains and anguish felt by ordinary Pakistanis.

The song had critical input and efforts of Adeel Rana, Ali Usman, and Awais Ahmed for visualization, camera, recordings, and editing.

The song is a socio-political commentary recording a particular moment of struggle for rule of law and equality before the law in Pakistan.

Do you know of any cases of injustice in your vicinity? Please share your experiences in the comments.

Following are the lyrics with translation:

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The law is blind… [بند اکھاں قانون دی ایتھے]

Thieves and dacoits are dancing [چور لٹیرے پان دھمال]


The poor are dying of starvation [غریب وچارے پوکھے مر گئے]

The corrupt are getting richer [لچے سارے مال و مال]


Kinship and bribery are the norm [رشوت رشتے داری چلدی]

Tribal and party affiliations are the key [ذات برادری پارٹی چلدی]


Merit is nowhere to be found [حق میرٹ دا مُل نہ کوئی]

The bureaucracy is asleep [نوکر شاہی ستی ہوئی]


The one who was supposed to be the watchdog [جہیڑی اکھ نے نظر سی رکھنی]

The same watchdog is compromised [اوسی اکھ چے سور دا بال]


This country was made in the name of Allah [اللہ دے ناں ملک بنایا]

What have you done to this country [کی کرتا ایس ملک دا حال]


Why everyone is not equal before law [کیوں نہیں سب انسان برابر]

Why injustice prevails? [کیوں ہیگا انصاف دا کال]


It’s difficult to get land freed from land grabbers [قبضہ ہو جائے او نہیں چھٹ دا] 

No quarrel comes to an end [جھگڑا پے جائے،او نہیں مکدا] 


People even get away with murder [قتل کرو نئی پھانسی لگدی] 

People are not scared of doing corruption [حرام کھاؤ نہیں کھانسی لگدی] 


No one goes after tax evaders [ٹیکس نہ دیو،کوئی نہیں پچھدا] 

The rich always get away [پیسے الا کدی نہیں چکدا] 


Instead of a lawyer, hire a judge [وکیل دی جا ایتھے جج کرا لو] 

Instead of the guilty, catch the innocent ones [ظالم جا مظلوم پھڑا لو]


There is no difference between honey and drinks [شہد شراب چے فرق نہ کوئی]

The guard is in league with thieves [کتی رل گئی چوراں نال]


This country was made in the name of Allah [اللہ دے ناں ملک بنایا]

What have you done to this country [کی کرتا ایس ملک دا حال]


Why everyone is not equal before law [کیوں نئی سب انسان برابر]

Why injustice prevails? [کیوں ہیگا انصاف دا کال]

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SINGER: Usman Raees

LYRICS: Ray Meem


DOP: Awais Ahmad



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