Instagram will make avoiding trolls easy

On Thursday, Instagram, which is owned by Meta Platforms, said that it will expand capabilities that enable users to ban abusers and trolls on the social media network.

Users will now be able to ban all of a person’s current accounts, expanding a capability introduced last year that only permitted the disabling of new accounts.

“Based on first test findings from this new change, we anticipate that our community will have to manually block 4 million fewer accounts every week since these accounts will now be blocked automatically,” Instagram wrote in a blog post.

The photo-sharing app has increased its efforts to combat online abuse and hate speech on its platform, which is more popular among adolescents and young adults than on Facebook.

Instagram has also enhanced a function that prevents users from accessing potentially harmful comments by screening objectionable phrases from story replies, and the company said on Thursday that it is increasing “nudges” aimed to safeguard authors from abuse.