Interior Minister consoles masses after SC summons PM

Interior Minister Sheik Rasheed on Wednesday said that there is no compelling reason to stress, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan will finish his five-year established term, after he had been summoned to the Supreme Court (SC).

Conversing with newsmen outside the Supreme Court, Sheik Rasheed said he was approached to arrive at SC and he has no data about PM Imran Khan’s appearance under the steady gaze of the summit court.

In the event that PM Imran Khan is coming, he will pay attention to SC, he added.

Answering to an inquiry, the Interior Minister precluded the impression of any game and added that PM will finish his established term. The inside serve said he isn’t the head legal officer of Pakistan neither a law master to react to the circumstance.

PM Imran Khan summoned by Supreme Court in APS attack case

SC guided Prime Minister Khan to show up in close to home ability to clarify his situation about the non-execution of the Army Public School (APS) case decision.

A three-part seat headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed was hearing the situation.

“Has Prime Minister Imran Khan read the APS case judgment?” the nation’s top appointed authority asked the principal legal officer, to which he depended that it was not shipped off the PM Office and added that he will illuminate the head about the court orders.

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