Int’l community must take emergency action against extremist Yazidi mindset of Narendra Modi: Mishal Malik

ISLAMABAD, Sep 3 (APP):Hurriyet leader Yasin Malik’s wife, Mishal Malik, Tuesday called the International community to take an immediate emergency action against the extremist mindset of Narendra Modi to stop bloodshed of humanitarian tragedy of Kashmiri People in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).

Talking to PTV news channel, she expressed concerns over “oppression” and “bullying” of Muslims in Kashmir that Modi government has set world’s worst example of crime by killing innocent Kashmiri people and launching a historic terrorist attack in the occupied Kashmir.

The United Nations and international community need to play role to pressurize India to lift the curfew imposed on Kashmiris for the last one month, she added.
It is beyond understandings that human rights champions are silent over Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir, she noted.

She termed Indian Prime minister Modi a hitler and Yazidi mindset, adding, Modi set a history with the highest worst crime in the world with snatching the right of ownership.
She lauded the efforts of Pakistani government that Pakistani government and nation are standing shoulder to shoulder with Kahsmiri people.

She said i am confident that Pakistani government will never compromise on Kashmir issue at any cost and will continue to sensitized world about India brutalizes.
She further asked the Pakistani government that Kashmir issue should be a part of school syllabus for the knowledge of young generations and Parliamentarians should also get proper trainings in this issue to solve it.

Fascist Modi wants to silent the Kashmiri people through use of brutal force, she said, adding, it is not just tragic but criminal that international community and media have largely ignored this brutal Indian repression of the Kashmiri people, which has now reached new depths of depravity.

She said Pakistan should continue to mobilize world through social media websites, seminars, rallies and workshops as the routine life remains paralyzed and the humanitarian crisis has worsened as curfew and strict communication blockade in Kashmir valley, she explained.

She said Markets and schools are still shut while all internet and communication services including landline phone, mobile and TV channels are closed in Kashmir valley and districts of Jammu region.
Local newspapers are offline while most of them failed to bring out their print editions, she said , adding, Indian forces burned all records of Injured persons in hospitals.
She said India refused to allow the Kashmiri people to decide their own future which is violation of UN charter.

Mishal said the Kashmiris are unable to stock the essential commodities, adding, the Kashmiris have hopes from Pakistan and Pakistan is effectively taking up the issue to international fora.
Narendra Modi has extremist mindset and India’s state terrorism was posing a serious threat to regional peace, she mentioned.

I am still unable to make any contact with the family as curfew and communication blackout continues in the Kashmir valley, she informed. The Kashmir is portraying like a military garrison, she concluded.

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