Iranian Consul General seeks suggestion for barter trade list

Lahore: Iranian Consul General Muhammad Raza Nazri has said that still Pakistan has kept Iran in “C category”in terms of Corona, which is adversely affecting flight operations and bilateral trade.

While talking to LCCI President Mian Nauman Kabir, Senior Vice President Mian Rehman Aziz Chan and Vice President Haris Ateeq at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce, the Iranian Consul General said that there is no such restriction from the Iranian side so Pakistan should also remove the “C category” for Iran.

He said that Lahore and Quetta Chambers should give their suggestions regarding inclusion or exclusion of the items in barter trade list. He said that with regard to barter trade, it was decided that rice and denim etc. will be exported from Pakistan to Iran and in return it will buy electricity from Iran but the SBP has refused to facilitate in this regard due to which this case is still pending.

The Consul General said that Iran has abundant with LPG and natural gas which it wants to supply to Pakistan under barter trade. Now it is up to the Pakistani government to take any step.

He said that considerable facilities have been created for the export of mangoes from Pakistan to Iran so that Pakistani mango exporters can take full advantage of them. He said that Pakistan has imposed 50% duty on Iranian apples while in Afghanistan this duty is 10%. Pakistan should also reduce this duty.

The Consul General said that Pakistani Consulate in Iran delays the issuance of visas to Iranians while the Iranian consulate in Pakistan issues without any delay, adding that the Pakistani consulate should also expedite visa process.

He said that there is a lot to trade beyond US sanctions on Iran. He said that Iranian trucks should be allowed to enter into Pakistan.

LCCI President Mian Nauman Kabir said that the Iranian Consulate should send all issues related to barter trade to the Lahore Chamber, which will be raised with the PM Advisor on Commerce Abdul Razzaq Dawood.

He said that Lahore Chamber strongly condemns all kinds of terrorism. He said that joint venture between Pakistani and Iranian traders can play an important role in promoting bilateral trade, adding that both the countries should focus on market research and give priority to each other in terms of imports and exports.

Mian Nauman Kabir said that there are some bottlenecks in the way of increasing trade between two countries which are required to be addressed on priority basis.

LCCI Senior Vice President Mian Rehman Aziz Chan and Vice President Haris Ateeq said that the Iranian Consulate should send the names and other details of the members of the Barter Trade Committee in writing so that further progress can be made easily. They said that the Iranian Consulate should cooperate for the Persian language course in the Lahore Chamber.