Irsa Ghazal gets candid, gives relationship advice

Veteran Pakistani actress Irsa Ghazal, in a recent interview, said that her drama serial Habs depicts that if a couple cannot stay together, then it is better for both of them to part their ways.

Irsa Ghazal was of the view that rather than making each others’ lives miserable by dragging a relationship which isn’t working, it is better for two partners to go their separate ways and stay happy.

The actress then said that she has seen many couples who were forcefully dragging their relationship despite all the misunderstandings and problems.

Later, the actress said, their children themselves urged their parents to file for divorce so the both of them can be happy in their own lives.

Irsa while expressing the double standards of society, said that if a man files for divorce and then wants to remarry, he will get social acceptance and there would be no possible impediment in his way.

However, if a woman files for divorce, she is looked down upon in our society and treated very harshly. Irsa Ghazal said that it then becomes immensely hard for a divorced woman to find a second partner.

Lastly, the actress said that if a couple parts, then the two of them should not mention their disputes in front of other people and protect each other’s integrity.