Is Twitter actually closing?

Twitter is currently in a panic room, and users are bidding farewell, expecting the site to crash at any moment. Others, late to the party, want to know what’s going on while others anticipate a potential government shutdown. No worries, we got you.

On Thursday, a significant portion of the company’s workforce resigned, resulting in a massive turnover. Why? Because Twitter CEO Elon Musk had a vision for “Twitter 2.0” that necessitated “long hours with high intensity.” They were given an ultimatum to adopt the new “extremely hardcore” version or quit with severance pay. Consequently, 42% of 180 people selected the response “Taking the exit, I’m free!”

Netizens are concerned that there will be no one to regulate the system and fix the bugs due to the temporary closure of Twitter’s headquarters and the departure of key employees. Especially considering that the employee version of the website began to slow down and sources estimated that the public version was on the verge of breaking.

Even though users are genuinely concerned that their favorite app will cease to exist, they are tweeting in good spirits. They have resorted to a global coping mechanism and created numerous memes to make the distressing situation more manageable. Musk has even joined in on the fun.