Islamabad: International Human Fraternity Day to be marked on February 4

ISLAMABAD, Feb 03 (APP): Like other parts of the globe , International Human Fraternity Day will be marked on February 4 (Thursday), to underline and highlight the importance of cultural diversity, religions and beliefs.

To mark the the Fraternity day in a befitting manner ,various organizations specially the educational institutions have organized various events to highlight the importance of the day. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed February 4 as the International day of human Fraternity.Educational institutions specially the , schools could contribute in a meaningful way to promote tolerance and the elimination of discrimination based on religion or belief, experts said.

They added that to recognize the valuable contribution of people of all religions, or beliefs, to humanity and the contribution that dialogue among all religious groups can make towards an improved awareness and understanding of the common values shared by all humankind. furthermore, everyone must acknowledge that tolerance, pluralistic tradition, mutual respect and the diversity of religions and beliefs promote human fraternity.

Thus, it is imperative that “we encourage activities aimed at promoting inter-religious and intercultural dialogue in order to enhance peace and social stability, respect for diversity and mutual respect and to create, at the global level, and also at the regional, national and local levels, an environment conducive to peace and mutual understanding”. they said.

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