Islamabad Zoo source of educating children about wildlife

ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP):Islamabad zoo has different species of animals which are kept in confinement for public display, is a source of educating children about wildlife and their life history.

An official of zoo management told APP, the experts at the zoo are now working to change the old and outdated style of the zoo and bring some modernization to make it a worth visiting recreational site. Their main focus is to make the zoo a wildlife education spot for children, he added.

He said after proper training of the staff from foreign zoologists, the animal species of various kinds had been kept in proper confinement and care according to their background.

To a question, he said, Kavan’s (the elephant) attitude has changed and even it appears to have positive impacts on his health as it was now better fed with proper diet and environment.

Faarid Ahmed, a school teacher told APP that the zoo management had maintained cleanliness and the people visiting have realized not to litter within its premise.

Fariha Khan, a student said it was the only zoo in the twin cities which should be maintained according to international standard.

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