Islamic Emirate Calls for Diplomacy Over Durand Line

The Islamic Emirate reacted to the Pakistan Interior Minister’s remarks on fencing the Durand Line, saying that the issue should be solved via negotiations.

The Minister of Interior of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, in a video clip said that around 20 km of fencing along the Durand Line remained unfinished but will be completed soon.

“20 km fencing alongside Afghanistan’s (Durand Line) remains incomplete. We have a 200 km border with Iran in Baluchistan- the fencing is completed there,” he said.

This comes as a senior commander of the Islamic Emirate in the east of Afghanistan earlier warned that they would not allow anymore fencing of Durand Line.

Fencing along the Durand Line has recently raised tensions between Kabul and Islamabad, but Rasheed Ahmad said that the current Afghan government pledged that the Afghan soil will not be used against Pakistan.

“The Taliban promised us that the Afghan soil will not be used against Pakistan. But the expectations of the people in Nangarhar, Kunar and Nuristan are high. If you (Afghans) want to come from legal ways, there is no problem. But we have problems with those who enter via illegal ways,” he said.

The Islamic Emirate stressed that the issue of the Durand Line should be solved through talks.

“The Islamic Emirate still prefers to resolve all issues … through talks,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

Analysts give various views about the fate of the Durand Line.

“If the Afghan sides claim to not recognize the Durand Line, it should provide documents to the UN to solve the issue” said Gen. Sama Sadat, a military veteran.

“The new remarks of the Pakistan Interior Ministry Sheik Rasheed indicate the continued stance of Pakistan which seeks to complete the fencing,” said Tahir Khan, a Pakistani journalist.

The fencing of the Durand Line began in 2017.