Israel election deadlock: what happens next?

Five possible scenarios for rivals Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel, 20 Sept, (THE GUARDIAN) Israelis have voted in a second election that has left the country in a political stalemate.

In the coming days, the president will consult party leaders before choosing the person he believes has the best chance of putting together a coalition.

There are several possible scenarios. Here are five popular theories:

National unity government

Benjamin Netanyahu has called on his rival Benny Gantz to join forcesto make a unity government. Gantz, however, has previously said he will not sit in a government with Netanyahu due to the corruption allegations against him. Also, it is not clear who would be prime minister. Gantz has not responded to Netanyahu’s offer yet.

Netanyahu ousted by his own party

This is the dream scenario for Gantz, whereby the ruling Likud party sacrifices Netanyahu and joins the retired military general in government under a new leader.

Arab alliance recommends Gantz

The Joint List alliance of Arab parties looks likely to be the third-largest bloc in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset. They abhor Gantz’s nationalist politics but could back him as a strategy to topple Netanyahu, who ran an especially anti-Arab campaign.

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Netanyahu pulls rabbit from hat

Netanyahu, the country’s longest-serving prime minister, has made it out of a lot of tight corners. He may still scrape together a majority with some sort of deal to lure smaller parties.

Repeat repeat elections

Neither party is able to forge a majority coalition government, and in several weeks, a third election is called. Everything is reset for a January poll that could be just as inconclusive.


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