Israeli defence forces poke fun at Facebook outage, get trolled by Twitterati

Oct 5, 2021: Along with celebrities poking fun at the crash, there was a response to the widespread server shut down of Facebook from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Twitter account

Widely used social media platforms – Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram – are coming back up and running smoothly around the world after almost six hours of complete outage.

People who could not access all the apps owned by Facebook reached out to Twitter and started sharing their reactions. Some of the reactions included humorous shouts and GIFs about the situation. Responding to the closure, Twitter said: “Hello literally everyone.”

While Whatsaspp responded to the tweet saying “Hello”, there was also a reply from the Israeli Defence Forces ( IDF), who wrote, taking a jibe at the three widely-used social media platforms: “@Facebook @instagram @WhatsApp if you need any help, IDF tech support is active and always ready to lend a hand!”

This tweet was met with a huge back lash from Twitter users who all took this opportunity to bash the IDF as they poked fun of the social media giants. People responded in kind saying things like, “Lol, you guys even got hacked by Malaysian hackers. Not worth to get help from.”

Twitter had a field day bashing the Israeli Defense Force for its wisecrack.

Replying to the Isareli Defence Force’s public offer of help, one user wrote: “The IDF be like hey Facebook, sorry to hear about your troubles! we murdered 6 children playing in the street, hopefully that helps out your server issues.”

Another Twitterati went so far as to say, “Thanks but I don’t think genocide is going to fix their downed servers.”

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