Israeli Tourists caught doing a shameful act in Dubai

Lahore, 10th January: Israeli tourists have been accused of stealing items in Dubai.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, Israeli tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been accused of stealing items from hotel rooms in Dubai.

As reported by Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, complaints of Israeli tourists stealing from hotels come only a month after the first commercial passenger flight from Israel to the UAE was initiated.

The manager of a hotel reported that “We host hundreds of tourists from all countries of the world, some of them create problems, but we have not seen items stolen before.”

He added, “Recently we have seen Israeli tourists come to the hotel and pile up all their bags, stealing towels, tea and coffee bags, and even lamps,”

Giving an example he said, “One time an Israeli family came with two children to check-out, and we discovered that things were missing in the room, and when the hotel staff tried to tell them that things in the room in which they were staying were missing, they started screaming.”

The manager further informed that after the conversation, they finally agreed to open their bags, only to discover that they had ice containers, hangers, and face towels. He said that after they told the Israeli family that they would be taken to the police, they returned the things and apologised.

It is noteworthy, that towards the end of last year the UAE and Israel agreed to establish full diplomatic, cultural, and commercial relations followed by the signing of the controversial agreements on the 15th of September at the White House.

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