Israeli West Bank Raids leave 4 Palestinians dead

Israeli armed forces raided the West Bank against “militants” but left at least four innocent Palestinians dead, said the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Sources claim that fighting is still going on close to the city of Jenin. The Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, said:

“Israeli powers had mounted an activity against Hamas assailants going to complete assaults.”

Israeli authorities didn’t remark on the setbacks yet many media sources have reported the death of the four Palestinians. The Palestinian sources claimed that one individual had been killed in Burqin close to Jenin and three in Biddu close to Jerusalem.

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As per the sources, Israel has been worrying for quite some time that Hamas, which runs Gaza, could likewise challenge its adversary, the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Last week in Jenin, Israel recovered the last two of six outlaw Palestinian aggressors, who had gotten away from the most secure Israeli jail.

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Also, in August four Palestinians were killed in an Israeli assault to capture a suspect in the West Bank. Weeks before that, two Palestinian insight officials and a Palestinian associate were killed during a secret strike in Jenin by Israel.

It is estimated that 256 individuals were killed in an 11-day struggle in May among Israel and Palestinian aggressor bunches in Gaza, as indicated by the UN, and 13 individuals were killed in Israel.

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