“It’s better for women to focus on raising children instead of the Women March”, Actress Sara Khan

Sarah Khan Trends on Twitter After Raqs-e-Bismil Ends

Pakistan showbiz industry actress Sara Khan says that it is better for women to train their children well instead of participating in the ‘Women’s March’.

Baaghi TV: Actress Sara Khan, who recently played the role of Zohra in the drama Raqs e Bismil, aired on a private TV channel, said when asked about feminism in a show,

“I believe in gender equality. I don’t say that give women a higher status. All I am saying is that women should be given equal status because they should keep the status that Allah Almighty has given to men and women which in the same position. Just don’t try to change that.”

Sara Khan said that Allah Almighty has made woman strong, then why do we repeat that woman is strong and she should be paid equal to man. All I think is that women should not fight or take part in “Women March”, instead, they should raise their children well.

The actress also said, “Allah Almighty has given a special status to women, I also consider men good, They should have the same rights and pleasures as women, it is wrong to talk only about women.”


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