Jabeen Kausar: First Female DSP in Azad Kashmir

Jabeen-Kausar-First-Female-DSP-in-Azad-Kashmir #Baaghi

Jabeen Kausar becomes the first female Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. 

Kausar says:

“As a child, when I saw soldiers parading on television, I wanted to do the same, but then I thought, ‘I’m a girl, not a boy, only boys can do that.’ I remembered this as I walked through the women’s contingent as a police officer at the Sihala Police Training Center. I was happy that God granted my wish.”

Jabeen Kausar joined the police department in Pakistan-administered Kashmir in 1995 as an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI). Her journey of development spans 25 years which was not so easy. The DSP says that her father never believed in differences between a son and a daughter.

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“I did everything my brother used to do, my father taught me to ride horses and shoot. My mother used to say why are you teaching all this to girls, then Abu used to say there is no difference between boys and girls,” she reminisced. Kausar’s father was a captain in the Pakistan Army. Due to his deployment in different cities of Pakistan, Jabeen Kausar received her early education first from Hyderabad and then from Narrowal.

While pursuing her post-graduate degree in 1995, she joined the Azad Kashmir Police. Jabeen says that at that time there was no positive thinking about women joining the police departments and forces.

Jabeen Kausar said, “I did not like the police force but my father-in-law, who were also a part of the Pakistan Army, convinced me that no department is not good or bad. It exists from humans and you and I make it.” She also tells the women who come to join the forces, “Although 25 years ago I did not consider the police to be a suitable department for women, but today I consider it to be the best department for my daughter as well.”

The DSP claims to be in one of the first batches of female officers to join the police force in 1995. She explains her struggles as a woman and told the media outlets that during her training, Jabeen Kausar won first place in all courses. However, the officers were not convinced of her abilities.

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She quotes:

“They did not believe women could be good at firing, hence, they made me compete with ten boys. I was shot at different stages. I did well in them too. I got eight out of ten certificates.”

The result of her excellent performance was that as soon as Jabeen Kausar returned from training, the IG Police promoted her to the post of Sub-Inspector. DSP Jabeen Kausar said that even though her career started well due to the support of the officers, the journey to DSP was not easy for her.

Jabeen had to wait for over 12 years to get where she is. “My progress has been greatly delayed,” she said. “On merit, I was to be promoted as an inspector in 1998, which was given to me in 2011.” Yet, being the first female DSP of a disputed territory, Jabeen Kausar remains an inspiration for women all over the world.

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