Jake’s Adventures: Part 1

Today is Jake’s 6th birthday. When he woke up he saw mom making his Chocolate birthday cake.

When mom saw Jake she greeted him good morning and said “Happy birthday Jake! How are you?”

Jake replied, “I am fine mommy, how are you?”

Mom said, “I am fine my dear boy”.

Jake went to the bathroom, took a bath and brushed his teeth. Then went to the kitchen and asked mom “What is for breakfast”?

“Your favorite, Waffles”, said mommy.

After breakfast it was time for Jake to open his presents. It wasn’t a birthday party in which friends were invited. He was having a normal family birthday party. So Jake got five presents, two from his dad, two from his mom and the fifth was an envelope with a surprise in it.

In the first two presents, Jake found a football and toy cars from his dad. In the next two presents, he found a school bag and a coloring book from mom. Then he was going to open the envelope which was from mom and dad. When he opened it, inside was written, “Surprise! We are going to Russia after one day”.

When Jake read it, he was overwhelmed to hear that he was going from Norway to another country for the first time ever.

The next day Jake and his parents packed their luggage, one for each. When the next day came, they got ready to go to the airport. While traveling he was so amused as it was his first trip abroad.

Jake was starving when he reached the lounge. His father bought him a Cheese burger and some Kiwi juice. After boarding the plane, Jake got a little bored because he knew that the flight was not for another three hours.

Jake asked his mom, “Mommy I’m getting a bit bored”. “You could play a game with me, do you have three pages and colors?” mom asked.

Jake said, “Yes, but what will we do with them?” Mom explained, “I will close my eyes and you will pick any colored page, either blue, red or green. Then, I will have two chances to guess which color you picked and if I win, it will be my turn and if you win, it will be your turn again.” After that Jake came to know how to play the game. He played the game with his mom for one whole hour.

After a while, they were served snacks in the plane. As they finished their food, they landed shortly in their desired place, Russia.

To be continued…

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