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Jama Masjid withdraws notice restricting entry of lone women

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India: The administration of Delhi’s mosque Jama Masjid withdrew its notice banning the entry of lone women.The notice banning the entry of women coming alone or in groups to Jama Masjid was removed from Gate No. 3 of the mosque.

While talking to media, Jama Masjid, Public Relations Officer Sabiullah Khan told ANI, “There has been a ruckus since the news of the ban on the entry of girls, but in the midst of this, LG VK Saxena spoke to the Shahi Imam and also asked to withdraw the decision. After this, the board has also been removed. However, the people coming to the mosque will have to maintain purity here.

“Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari told, “LG sahib told us to remove the notice. We said we will remove it.

“However, mentioning why he took such a decision, Bukhari further said, “There is no restriction on the girl who is coming to offer Namaz or to visit the Masjid. But when the girl is asked, ‘what are you waiting for? What are you doing?’ She says she is waiting for her friend. So should they be allowed to go to the mosque? We came across such a video in which the girl was holding a rose flower and she was talking to her friend. She came to express love.”

“When complaints came to us, we had to impose this ban. Can we do this if we go to any other religious place? Should we allow the mosque to become an arena? A decision has to be taken as complaints are coming in,” he said.

“Should the mosque become an arena? There is no restriction on girls coming to the mosque for namaz or for roaming around,” he further stated.