Jaya Prada Regrets Not Talking to Sridevi Despite Being Locked Inside Makeup Room

In the upcoming episode of Indian Idol 12, Jaya Prada will be gracing the show with her enchanting vibes. During the show, she will recall some of the moments from her Bollywood journey and it will leave you surprised as well. From back in the day in the year 1984, Jaya and Sridevi were top of their game and also a tough competitor with each other in the industry. When they used to meet with each other, they would just say Namaste to each other and move ahead. The reason was that they were always in a competition, be it dresses or a dance.

Jaya recalled, “It’s never been that we had any personal grudge against each other but it is just that our chemistry never matched. We never had eye contact with each other as we both were in competition, be it dresses or dance. Every single time we met we were first introduced on set, and we would say namaste to each other and move ahead.”

Recalling an incident while she was shooting for the film Maqsad that also starred Sridevi, she said that Jitendra and Rajesh Khanna locked both the ladies in a makeup room for an hour but they did not even speak a word with each other. She said, “I still remember, during the shoot of Maqsad, Jeetu ji and Rajesh Khanna ji locked us in a makeup room for an hour but we both did not even say a word and everyone gave it up on us!”

However, she does regret not talking to the late actor Sridevi, who passed away in 2018. She said that she wished she could have talked to each other. “Today, as she is not here, I miss her a lot. I feel alone because she was a renowned competitor in the Bollywood industry. Through this platform, I would also like to say that if somewhere she is listening to me, I would just say that I wish we could talk to each other”, she added.

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