Jennifer Lopez infuriated by ex, Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez is apparently enraged over Ben Affleck’s public whipping of ex Jennifer Garner.

This news has been presented by a source near Radar and as per their discoveries, Jennifer Garner is “angry” with Ben Affleck over his stunning trick.

For those unversed, the entertainer told The Howard Stern Show have that he used to feel “caught” in his union with Garner and it seems Lopez is having none of it.

Per an insider,

“The two of them concurred that they wouldn’t discuss their private lives in any profundity later what happened last time they were together. It was generally painstakingly arranged that they would do pix together yet there’s nothing more to it. At occasions the press is informed ‘no inquiries concerning JLO and Ben. Just inquiries regarding the film. Presently he blabbered and hauled her into it.”

The source likewise referred to a portion of Lopez’s feelings of trepidation and added, “Jen [Lopez] has been endeavoring to assemble a relationship with Ben’s kids,” however presently “They will peruse the statements from their father destroying their mother.”

“Jen [Lopez] has additionally endeavored to have a relationship with Jennifer [Garner]. Ben recently exploded that as well. The source additionally shared Lopez’s contemplations on the matter and added that she “doesn’t endure this messy [expletive]. She is closed up. She has her [expletive] together.”

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