Jerusalem: Security forces clash with Palestinians as Israel opens Damascus gate for Palestinians

April 27, 2021: Israeli police ban traditional Ramadan gatherings in occupied East Jerusalem.

BaaghiTV: According to reports, Israeli police in Jerusalem forbade Palestinians to gather outside the Damascus Gate and worship during Ramadan. The plaza outside the Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem is the same part that Israel occupied Has merged However, Palestinians have long traditionally gathered here for Iftar and worship during the holy month of Ramadan.

Israeli security forces barred Palestinians from gathering in the area this time, causing clashes between security forces and Palestinians during the night before the start of Ramadan. Tensions were high over the ban on gatherings near the plaza outside Damascus Gate.

This has caused great anger among Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. The first protests began in which a large number of Palestinians and some police officers were injured. Rockets were later fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, to which Israel also retaliated. The worst violence was on Thursday when about 100 Palestinian youths were injured and Israeli police arrested more than 50 people. Tensions escalated when hundreds of hardline nationalist Jews from the occupied territories marched from central Jerusalem to the gates with the slogan “Death to the Arabs.”

Participants harassed Palestinians and chanted “Death to Arabs” and some banners with the slogan “Killing terrorists” to witness the worst violence in years between Israeli police and Palestinians. However, on Saturday when some protesters staged a peace rally. Authorities then decided on Sunday to remove the barricades. An Israeli police spokesman told Reuters that the order to remove the barriers had been issued in consultation with religious officials, local leaders and shopkeepers. He said the decision was made to ensure the safety and security of all in Jerusalem.

The move follows international appeals to reduce tensions. Jerusalem is at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so there were global concerns that the conflict could spiral out of control. The reason for the recent conflict was the Israeli police’s decision to stop a Palestinian crowd from gathering outside the Damascus gate, which provoked the Palestinians. The Damascus Gate is a historic milestone.

Meanwhile, Israelis were outraged by videos released on social media showing Palestinian youths beating up the most conservative Jews in the city, which was criticized by right-wing extremist politicians. He demanded strict measures from the party.

It should be noted that Israel is planning to increase the Jewish presence in East Jerusalem by evicting Palestinian families and replacing them with Jewish settlers. East Jerusalem has been under occupation since 1967. This means that evictions and house demolitions are illegal under international law.

The situation in Palestine is deteriorating. As a result, Gaza is already isolated from the rest of the world by Israel’s heavy blockade. As a result, 80% of the Ghaznas now depend on humanitarian aid and only 4% of the water can be used for human consumption. However, Islamic Relief is working with the UK to fight the water crisis in Gaza and is installing water tanks for the poorest families in Gaza.

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